We are so excited to announce that Clingan Ridge Baptist Church has partnered with us by allowing us to use one of their buildings. This 7800 sq foot building will be our new home! It is located at 2400 Georgetown Rd. The church has graciously offered this building to us RENT FREE! We are thankful to be gaining so much square footage and saving $15,000 a year in rent costs. We are so excited for how many doors this will open for our ministry. This means that we can give more money in adoption grants each year, host more trainings and events to educate and encourage families and move closer to our goal of offering counseling and support within our ministry walls. This is such a huge blessing and we know that God has big plans in store for the future of Hope4One within these walls and our community. 


Where do I come in? I'm glad you asked!

The renovations to the new building are going to cost us between $75 and $100k. We would love to have you come alongside us financially as we move forward. If you are interested in partnering with us, then keep reading! 







There will be a customized brick sidewalk in the front of our building, so the first thing people see when they enter our new space are the names of all the people who made it possible. For a $250.00 donation towards our building fund, you will be able to personalize a brick for the sidewalk of our new space. Purchasing a brick is easy. Simply follow the link below and add your customization to your brick. You can purchase as many bricks as you would like. The bricks will be delivered right to our door when we are ready to place them in the front of our building.

(See below for a sneak peek of the sketch up of our new building.)