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Adoption Grant

Approval Process and Guidelines


What a blessing for us to have the opportunity to provide financial aid to families called by the Lord to adopt. We pray our efforts will successfully help bring more precious children to their forever family!

The leadership of Hope 4 One Ministries is committed to encouraging and supporting adopting families in the adoption process.  


The following guidelines are intended to outline the Hope 4 One Adoption Grant. 



The Grant is awarded quarterly each calendar year

  • You must be completing an adoption; domestic or international.

  • Your home study or home study update must be completed in order to apply.

  • You must be in process using an agency that is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This organization must be licensed to place children for adoption. 

  • If you are working through an adoption consultant, you cannot apply for a grant until you have finalized your placement agency. *Consulting fees will not be considered as part of the total adoption costs.

  • Your maximum household income must not exceed $150,000.




Hope 4 One executes the awarding of committee approved grant funds to the licensed placement agency and not the individual family (grant awardees) for one reason in particular. While the recipient family has presented a great need for adoption assistance, allocating funds to and in cooperation with their placement agency, in the name of the awardees, assures our ministry and its supporters that funds are used for adoption expenses as the placement agency credits their fee schedule the allocated amount. This policy ensures that funds are used for its intended purpose.


Read the information below before submitting an application:


Download, electronically fill out and print the application below. Make sure to fill this application out completely. Please do not leave any questions blank, or the application will be considered incomplete. Please submit the following with application. 

  • Submit a photocopy of your completed home study. 

  • A letter of personal reference from a pastor, elder, or small group leader at your church. 

  • A current family photo, and if you have a photo of the child which you desire to adopt, we would love a copy of that as well.

  • A photocopy of your most recent Federal Tax Return (1040 form) with SS numbers marked out, this is required for your application to be considered.


Upon completion of the application, please mail to:

Hope 4 One Ministries

2400 Georgetown Rd.

Cleveland, TN 37311


Application deadlines for 2022 are closed. Applications will open back in in January 2023. 




The Hope 4 One Adoption Grant Committee will function to oversee and allocate grant funds to grant recipients.  The committee will consist of Hope 4 One volunteers, 5 at the minimum and 10 at the maximum, who have a passion for adoption.  Previous experience and/or knowledge of adoption are also vital to the health of the committee.  A committee member will be approved by the Executive Committee board and asked to serve for 2 years. 



Often fund recipients prove to be the best volunteers, spokesmen, and future donors for the ministry, as well as a good resource for prospective adoptive parents. We would hope you would be willing to provide your testimony and pictures to encourage and inspire others within our Hope 4 One community.

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